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Cheryl “Roly” Rossi is not close with her family. At twenty-one, Roly isn’t looking for a new mom. Even if her old one ran off to Italy as soon as her dad’s engagement was announced, leaving Roly alone to deal with this change. Despite this, it really was an accident when Roly spilled her drink down the front of her new stepmom’s wedding dress. But there’s no convincing her stepbrother’s best friend, Jack Matthews, of that.

Roly just wants to return to her college life and leave her family (especially its newest members) behind. She is determined to go into this school year with an open mind toward romance. The last thing she expects is to find Jack has invaded her peaceful escape, putting her resolution to the test. He wears Roly down with free coffees and a charming smile. Slowly, they come to wonder if maybe they judged too harshly from the start.

Let It Roll Print Edition

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