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My first standalone book. A fast paced YA Fantasy

Queen Vasca rules the two cities at each end of the forest road with greed and cruelty. A smuggler, a rebel, and a girl of the forest come together to face the threats within the trees and the even deadlier queen.

The Unmourned are the only ones who can survive the forest without the antidote. During their monthly bleeds, they heal from any injury or poisoning they might have suffered in the weeks between. The Unmourned keep themselves secret, believing their gifts would be abused by the outsiders who cannot stop their bloodshed and war. But Nook wants to be more. She thinks she’s strong enough to make a difference if she were given the freedom. When she comes across a familiar smuggler and his new companion, she reveals herself to them in their time of need. Nook agrees to help them travel the forest, risking her relationship with her family and the secrets of her people. This is not the first time Nook has helped the outsider boy hiding in her trees. She just can’t seem to stay away.

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