Supernaturals of New Brecken

A werewolf, a vampire, and a witch walk into a nightclub. It’s only a matter of time until the whole thing burns down. 

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New Brecken. The first city to acknowledge the stories of supernaturals are true. They accepted that werewolves run under the full moon in the national park nearby. That vampires charm and feed from humans visiting their clubs on Fourth Street. That witches can brew potions and magic their way forward in life. The city was desperate enough to grant these supernatural groups citizenship and the right to openly practice their particular brands of magic. These laws brought in tourism, magical cures, a decrease in crime, and a shaky peace. Now, three years later, attacks on humans are on the rise. A new group of friends finds themselves on the outskirts of the struggle, doing all they can to keep from plunging into the conflict. 

Nora Morales, a werewolf who wants nothing more than to make the change, must kill a vampire to become a full member of her late father’s pack. She enters the Maker with this goal in mind. Yet everything becomes infinitely more complicated when she falls for the vampire’s charm. Who could resist a smile like Colbie West’s?

This book may have inappropriate content for some readers.