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The spicy stuff...

KC Fletcher

As a self-published author, I have decided to use multiple pen names. I want people to be able to find all my books, but don't want an unsuspecting fourteen-year-old to stumble upon these more mature works accidentally! Welcome to the steamier side of Kelly Cole Books

Let It Roll

Her father's wedding is already an unhappy event for Roly. How could it get any worse? Answer: by spilling a mix drink down the front of her new stepmom's dress in front of her stepbrother and his cute best friend. 


Currently available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

Cheryl “Roly” Rossi is not close with her family and her dad’s new bride is determined to change this. At twenty-one, Roly isn’t looking for a new mom. Even if her old one ran off to Italy as soon as her dad’s engagement was announced, leaving Roly alone to deal with this change. Despite this, it really was an accident when Roly spilled her cranberry vodka tequila down the front of her new stepmom’s wedding dress. But there’s no convincing her stepbrother’s best friend, Jack Matthews, of that.
Roly just wants to leave Denver and escape back to her college life in Fort Collins. Leaving family, especially its newest members, behind. She is determined to go into this school year looking for commitment and work on her habit of keeping things casual romantically. Roly goes to her favorite coffeeshop determined to finally ask out the barista, Emily, with the intention of finding something deeper. The last thing she expects is to find Jack there instead of her longtime crush. Jack begins to wear Roly down with free coffees and a charming smile. Slowly, they both come to wonder if maybe they judged too harshly from the start.
For Roly, growing up means taking a chance with new people. As her feelings for Jack grow out of control, she has to put her new take on life to the test. 
Is Jack worth the risk?

Coming soon...

Riley's been cohosting a successful relationship podcast for years now. Maybe it's time to actually to put her knowledge to the test and have a relationship of her own...

Hooked Up
by KC Fletcher

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